Our quality controled containers

We now an official supplier of the "Master Benne" container brand. These containers are quality controled and built with the knowledge to last in time.

We are working closely with our factory. This way we can tailor our container to your needs. Geared up with the options of your choices. These containers are 100% customizable. From the thickness of the bottom and side wall to the color.

Waste containers, removable skips, structures for steel skips, drop sides, trays with removable drop sides, lashing hooks, etc. everything is possible.

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Transport of your vehicles (Road or Shipping)

We are working closely with our partner Falisia Transport. If you have a vehicle, whether it is rolling or static, we have the material et the knowledge to make it work. Ask us for a quotetion by filling the form below.

For exporting your material, you can click below link, this table is a fast and accurate way to calcul the shipping price toward the biggest ports in West Africa.

Road Transport

Calculation of shipping to West Africa